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Broken Trunk

Who We Are


Vicky McFarland

Storyteller and writer, Vicky McFarland, has been weaving tales since 2008. An animated and engaging teller, Vicky loves to immerse herself and her audience in the landscape of the stories she tells.

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Janice Witherspoon

Janice Witherspoon has been working as a professional storyteller for more than 10 years. Entertaining audiences of all ages across Scotland, England and now back in her native Co. Antrim, Janice has a wide repertoire of legends and lore of these islands.

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Karen Edwards

Karen Edwards hails from Carnlough in the Glens of Antrim and combines storytelling with music on her Killarney D and Low D Whistles.

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Colin Urwin is a modern-day Seanchaí.

He is a folk singer,
songwriter, storyteller, recording artist and author.

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